Removal of Skin Tags, Capillaries and Ruby Points

As we age, and our skin loses elasticity, tiny dilated blood vessels appear as reddish spots on the skin. These broken capillaries can form easier due to things like hereditary conditions, sun exposure, menopause, alcohol use, spicy foods, hormonal changes and more.

La Belle Femme Skin Studio uses a treatment called VascuLyse to send a small current through the capillary, causing the vessels to bond together where they will naturally be removed by the body. The VascuLyse treatment is also used to remove skin tags.

A skin tag is easily identified as a piece of soft flesh that is hanging off the skin. Skin tags can occur anywhere, but happen anywhere skin rubs—for instance, armpits, eyelids, under the chest, groin and neck. The tags are simply flesh, and have no adverse effect on your body, but you may not like how they look, or they may catch on clothing or jewellery or when you’re shaving. La Belle Femme Skin Studio can help to remove these unsightly blemishes from the skin.

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